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Our Mission

To recognize and celebrate the value and significant impact local businesses provide our community by empowering a movement to support locally owned and operated businesses. We do this by engaging and educating our community, our consumers, our businesses, and those seeking to visit or relocate to Pocatello or Chubbuck.

Our Story

My Local Pocatello Business Directory is a place for you to find locally owned and operated businesses in the Pocatello and Chubbuck area.  We're very proud of our community and want our citizens and visitors alike to find and support our local establishments.

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About My Local Pocatello

We know it’s not always easy to buy what you need locally.  The internet and big box stores provide a lot of advantages when it comes to cost, convenience and variety.  But there’s also a cost to NOT doing business locally in the form of lost jobs, taxes, prosperity and community.  My Local Pocatello wants to help promote locally owned businesses, community while supporting local families.

My Local Pocatello is about “thinking local FIRST”.  When people buy local, they support themselves because the money and the business stays within our community.  My Local Pocatello is about supporting friends, neighbors and family.  Community is the thread that ties us together and what makes our area so unique.

Though it may be convenient to shop online or visit the big box corporate stores, the money doesn’t stay local; the majority of it goes out-of-state and into some giant corporation’s pockets.  When the money leaves our community, it takes so much more with it including our local identity, our jobs and our people.  My Local Pocatello is about preserving our identity, supporting our locally owned businesses, saving our community and providing good jobs in our area for our people, our friends and our family.

Merchants who get involved care about our community and that’s why they are participating in this positive program.  They support local causes, provide better service and create more jobs.   By creating jobs, building community and generating local tax dollars that support education, city infrastructure and more, these participating merchants prove daily their commitment to our community.

Please, support this program and support our community.  When you think local and buy local, you’re supporting everything you love about our community and more.  Viva My Local Pocatello!