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  • Unravel the Culture of UAE with Luxury Dates

    Dates are not just a snack or regular food item. When you open a box of Emirati dates, it doesn’t only offer you a healthy, tasty item to snack on, but also offers a sneak peek into the culture of UAE. From preparing the land to nourishing and nurturing the tree, to carefully preserving and packing the dates, each date has a memoir of the journey that it underwent to come to you. And there can be no gift better than homegrown dates with chocolate covering or pistachio filling. If you want to buy dates in Dubai, you will first have to look for the best online stores. When you look for original Emirati dates, you will find a lot of substandard products with less quality offerings. But, your main fixation should be finding the purest dates. Why? Well, when you are gifting a box of dates, you are gifting a legacy, a part of the heritage and something that has been the cultural souvenir of the land. When you want to gift something so special and momentous, you have to extra careful. After all, when your box of gifted dates is opened, you sure want the box to be visually enchanting, the fragrance of the dates to be absolutely delicious and the flavor to be nothing short of perfect isn’t it? So, when you want to gift yourself or someone else a box of happiness and luxury entwined with the sensory pleasures of vision, smell, and taste, you can read more