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  • Loren Israel || Loren Israel || Learn To Write Hit Songs with Guidance of Loren Israel

    Do wish to create milestones in the music industry? Are you willing to earn fame in the industry? Are you passionate about writing songs? Then Loren Israel is the solution for all such queries. He is a well known artist and specializes in writing songs. He is also passionate about finding and developing fresh talent. Through hard work and perseverance he has been able to establish the name Loren Israel in the music industry. He acts as a source for the aspiring individuals who want to bring a revolutionary change in the music industry. He is a professional song writing teacher, A&R Consultant and record producer. In relation to this Loren Israel offers a 6 month program where people are taught how to deliver quality songs and make them a hit in the industry. He trains the students in the course of 6 months and makes sure that the student benefits from that. He follows a simple policy of appraisal. If he feels that an individual is not suitable for the music industry then at the end of 2 weeks he terminates the program for that particular student and refunds the fee as well for that month. Following this diligent approach he is able to find out the true talent and then works towards enhancing it. This really helps him in promoting young and fresh talent in the industry. He works in a professional and dedicated manner. Loren Israel follows a step by step process to reach the final destination. read more