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    When you think of starting a new company, there are a lot of things that need to consider. There are a lot of corporate and legal formalities that need to be fulfilled. It is very important that the entrepreneur always needs to stay compliant with the various legal, financial and fiduciary regulations of the domicile that the company is incorporated. If you want to be sure that you willnot face any problems with your company operations and sustain asmooth business operation in your organization, whether you have business activities in one country or your firm is a multinational enterprise, then it is highly advisable to hire a legal and corporate advisory firm. An advisory firm with comprehensive legal and corporate knowledge of multiple jurisdictions will help you decide which country or what legislative framework is the most suitable for your GFA company formation. At the process of establishing a company, there can be many options available in front of you. Whether you want to register BVI Company or Cyprus Company or any other type of company, you will need legal expertise in that area and jurisdiction. After the successful inception of your company, you will reach a stage where you may want to consolidate your company through mergers or acquisitions. If you go for an M&A, you would again have to deal with a lot of legal formalities based on the jurisdictions, in which the new M&A company will take place and functions. All the restructuring can be a tough read more