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  • Buy the Best Hot Tub Supplies from a Trusted Store

    Do you own a hotel and are looking for the best products and supplies to keep your hot tub clean? Well, this post is for you because we are going to talk about how to choose the right products for your hot tub. But, if you are not sure whether you need supplies or not, the answer is yes, you need the right hot tub cleaning products. Why? This is because your guests coming to your hotel would never want to soak themselves in a hot tub that is full of bacteria. Since the hot tub water can’t be changed every time, it becomes very important to use chemical free hot tub treatment that can keep the tub clean and ready for use without the use of harsh chemicls. If you do not want to convert your hot tub into an incubation chamber for the bacteria, read the points below to know the right way of buying hot tub supplies and treatment. • Check alkalinity: The first thing that you should do while buying hot tub products is to check the alkalinity of your tub. For this, you can take a strip and then drip it in the water. After that, take the strip out and analyze the alkalinity of the water. If it is low or high, use the right product accordingly because water with high alkalinity can irritate eyes and skin. • Reviews: When you are buying hot tub supplies, the next thing that you are supposed to read more

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    Mountain Harmony Massage

    Run by Beth Bartholomew, LMT, she has been practicing for 12 years. During that time she has worked along side physical therapists, Chiropractors, and has been self-employed. She specializes in sciatica by using Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy. Her belief is to find the root cause of pain and reverse the muscle tension.