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  • Exchange Your Miles for Money with the Best Miles Brokers

    Remember the last time you traveled by Lufthansa airlines? Well, other than having a perfect flying experience you also got some air miles as a part of the frequent flyers program! While you may have thought of it as dead assets, in reality, you can actually get money for the same. Technically, the airlines itself pay the miles when you redeem them for a commodity or a flight ticket for that matter, but do you want to give away your miles and more bonuses (miles and more prämien) for the prices of peanuts? No, right? So, then you should look for alternative ways to get money from your air miles. One of the best ways of getting the best value when you redeem Lufthansa for miles (Lufthansa Meilen einlösen) can be to sell them. Yes, you read it right! You can sell your frequent flyer miles and make sure you get the quick cash you need. Not sure if it is legal? Well, there are no laws that prohibit a transaction of similar nature and so, we can safely say that is within the legal norms. All that you need to do to be able to earn money for your miles rewards is that you should find a safe, reliable and apt buyer. The reason why we are laying emphasis on safe and reliable buyers is that if you go for platforms that don’t respect your privacy then you will be risking your information and other confidential data. Also, it read more